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Archive: May 2020


The Airline Mistress…An Affair of Necessity

Posted by Randy Rowles

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a helicopter pilot requesting a Bell 407 transition course. He had been flying for the airlines and was recently furloughed. Once he arrived, we engaged in conversation about his transition to the airlines two years prior. He was hired by the airlines via the Rotory to Airline Group (RTAG) organization. Having been furloughed, his only option was to return to the helicopter industry. A job opportunity had opened in a Bell 407, and the transition course would provide the aircraft currency to be eligible. [Read More...]

Categories: categoryRotorcraft Checkride


Monty Python in the Back Seat

Posted by Randy Mains

During this time of social distancing and staying in place and away from people as much as possible, I find it’s also a time of reflection on my career so far. An incident in my garden recently reminded me of an occurrence that took place when I was flying in Papua New Guinea. [Read More...]

Categories: categoryMy Two Cents Worth