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Archive: May 2019


ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, Info… and a Laugh - May 2019

Posted by Scott Skola

Looks like things in the GOM are still not settling down. With several oil company mergers/buyouts on the horizon, as well as another major helicopter operator teetering on the brink, it should make this summer an interesting time. Especially, if there is an active hurricane season. [Read More...]

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Helicopter Pilots Wanted: The Slow Death of an Industry

Posted by Randy Rowles

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an overwhelming number of helicopter pilots turn to the “dark side” …Airlines! The airline industry is experiencing a shortage of qualified aviators within their ranks and was in search of viable solutions. To the surprise of many, the airline industry took a hard look at expanding their longtime relationship with the US Military and found an almost untapped market in the helicopter pilot pool. [Read More...]

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Maria Langer's Analysis of an Accident

Posted by Randy Mains

File this story under “Listen and learn from my experience”, posted on Maria Langer’s blog March 3, [Read More...]

Categories: categoryMy Two Cents Worth