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Archive: March 2019


Helicopter Operations…True Measure of Helicopter Safety?

Posted by Randy Rowles

Every month I receive a Monthly Accident Briefing from the Federal Aviation Administration. I find the information compelling and relevant to my role as a helicopter educator. The data is very well packaged supported by pie charts, diagrams, and links to actual helicopter accident reports that occurred during the current reporting period. [Read More...]

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ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info… and a Laugh - March 2019

Posted by Scott Skola

Things don’t appear to be getting any better in the GOM. With the current oil price stagnant and helicopter demand at historical lows, those affected may be in for a longer ride than expected. [Read More...]

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Reader Follow Up to “Now I know What My Dog’s Thinking” article

Posted by Randy Mains

Initial training at the start of my airline career, after active duty with the Marines, flying both rotor and fixed wing, was performed in-aircraft in a Saab SF-340A. The Saab had a full glass cockpit at a time when most airliners still had steam gauges. My training partner, who had a USCG background, both rotor and fixed wing as well, and corporate flying was having trouble with the transition to glass instruments. After several less-than-satisfactory flights, during a study session, he asked me how to determine which way the aircraft was turning. I was shocked that he still looked at the instruments like your dog watching TV. He didn’t make it through training. [Read More...]

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