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Archive: January 2019


Rapid Deceleration or Rejected Takeoff…What’s the Difference?

Posted by Randy Rowles

While conducting an FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) – Helicopter practical test, the applicant was given an emergency during the takeoff phase of flight. In lieu of conducting a Rejected Takeoff procedure, the applicant initiated a climb to 40’agl, maintained 40kts of airspeed, and announced the execution of a Quick Stop maneuver. When queried about the method by which the Rejected Takeoff was conducted, the applicant advised “that is how a Quick Stop is done”. Note: For the purpose of this article, Rapid Deceleration and Quick Stop will have the same meaning. [Read More...]

Categories: categoryRotorcraft Checkride


Are we considered acceptable loss?

Posted by Randy Mains

Dan Foulds, owner and lead instructor at AMRM Training Solutions and a board member with the National EMS Pilot’s Association posted a valid question on Facebook. His observation came following the tragic air medical accident in Wisconsin on the 26th of April where 3 people lost their lives in a tour helicopter. Here’s what he said, [Read More...]

Categories: categoryMy Two Cents Worth


ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info… and a Laugh - January 2019

Posted by Scott Skola

Looks like the offshore rotorcraft industry hasn’t fared any better though. While the financials of most major players are continuing their slide, there’s new company acquisitions on one side and rumors of sell-offs on the other side. [Read More...]

Categories: categoryROTORwrench