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Archive: March 2020


Another Reader’s comments….

Posted by Randy Mains

Randy, I concur with all your points you bring up about the Ohio Survival Flight 14 accident that you detailed in your January / February 2020 column entitled “Case Study.” I flew for Survival Flight 4 base out if Batesville Arkansas next to their HQ for 9 months. During my time there, I experienced pressure to fly; I was admonished for bringing up maintenance issues as well as questioning the crew endurance policies that were routinely violated by the Lead Pilot. I retired from the Army as CW4 IP, ASO in 2009. [Read More...]

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What’s That Vibration?

Posted by Randy Rowles

A few weeks ago, a pilot within our company was re-positioning a helicopter from the hangar to the ramp. While hovering, he experienced a rough engine, so he landed the helicopter on the taxiway. Seeing this, I walked over and joined him in the helicopter to aid in determining the issue. It was now that I learned that experience may falsely overshadow reality. [Read More...]

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