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Archive: February 2020


Wendy’s Tour

Posted by Randy Mains

As helicopter pilots we often never know the impact we can make on a person’s life. That thought came to mind when I read my good friend’s excellent book, The Sky Behind Me written by Byron Edgington, which I can recommend without reservation. [Read More...]

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Helicopter Flight Below VFR Minimums…A Very Slippery Slope?

Posted by Randy Rowles

On January 26th, 2020, an S76 helicopter collided with terrain killing all nine (9) passengers onboard. The weather at the time of the accident supported a theory that weather may have been a causal factor. All aircraft accidents are bad for the industry; however, this accident helicopter was carrying a high-profile passenger which brought international attention to the situation. The immediate question is why an extremely weather capable helicopter wasn’t transitioned to IFR in lieu of continued flight in less-than-VFR conditions. [Read More...]

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