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Archive: January 2020


Alone and Afraid | When Solo Flights Fail!

Posted by Randy Rowles

Last week, a helicopter student pilot was returning from a solo cross-country flight when the student accidentally entered Class D airspace without the required communication. Although entry into this airspace was planned as a part of the solo cross-country flight, the student miscalculated the position of the helicopter and was farther along than anticipated. [Read More...]

Categories: categoryRotorcraft Checkride


A Case Study

Posted by Randy Mains

When I teach and facilitate my one-day crew resource management (CRM) course or my five-day CRM train-the-trainer course, attendees often find it difficult to bridge the gap between the human factors they learn to recognize in the course and actually putting their knowledge into practice in the real world to prevent an accident. [Read More...]

Categories: categoryMy Two Cents Worth