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Archive: December 2015


Helicopter On Fire - Who, Me??

Posted by Francis Meyrick

The first time I heard this story, I thought it was a Gulf myth. I didn't believe it. But then I saw the photographic evidence. It was kind of interesting. Irrefutable. Good grief. Yep. Many years ago, on a sunny day in the Gulf of Mexico, this event actually happened... A helicopter 'communications center' is, if you like, is the 'eye in the head shed'. It's a large room, with lots of telephones ringing, lots of screens, and lots of people hunched over those screens, and quietly cursing the telephones. . Out there, somewhere, lots of little helicopters are plying their trade. Pilots are calling the commcenter, and the commcenter is calling pilots. Position reports, landing reports, flight plans... [Read More...]

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Helicopter Maintenance Tips - December 2015

Posted by Scott Skola

Another Bendix booklet, but for the good old C28. Appreciate all the support from the peanut gallery this year. And as requested, look for some changes next year as I add new content and info. Enjoy. [Read More...]

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