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Recruiting Services

Are you looking for a full-service recruiting solution that saves you time, money and effort?

Justhelicopters.com is very well known for being a leader in the helicopter industry employment arena. Within the helicopter industry we specialize in the recruitment of:

  • Specialized Pilot & Mechanic Positions 
  • Check Airman, Safety Officers
  • Helicopter Sales, Service, Marketing Positions
  • Mid Level Management: Director of Operations, Directors of Maintenance, Chief Pilot
  • Technical Positions: Inventory, Manufacturing, Avionics, Fabrication, Engineering
  • Top Management & Executive Level

Justhelicopters.com offers recruiting solutions on both contingency or retainer. We take care in understanding recruitment goals, position specifications, hiring processes and company culture. Once we understand the client's requirements, we provide perspective on the demand for and availability of appropriate candidates.

We utilize two guiding concepts; industry specialization and computerization. Through our dedicated team of Helicopter Industry Staffing Consultants and our sophisticated Job Matching Technology, Justhelicopters.com will hand select the most qualified and interested candidates for your open position, pre-screen the candidates and provide a full report which may include resumes, evaluations, background checks and the pre-screening results.

For more information please download our Recruiting Brochure (PDF).