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Archive: July 2020


Added Ratings and Foreign Pilots…Revisited

Posted by Randy Rowles

Within the past few months, the number of pilot applicant’s ineligible for a pilot certificate practical test has increased because their instructor misunderstood the requirements for an additional certificate or rating. Additionally, the number of ineligible applicants when using a foreign pilot certificate as the basis for FAA certification has increased as well. Let us review each of the problem areas directly. [Read More...]

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Seven Key actions to bring you and your passengers home safely

Posted by Randy Mains

Last July of 2019, the United States Helicopter Safety team, (USHST) put out a press release stating: Helicopter industry headed for highest fatal accidents in more than a decade. To stem the surge of fatal accidents, the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team called on helicopter operators, pilots, instructors and mechanics to rely on safety basics and place a priority on them. The safety organization called for pilots, instructors and others with a stake in helicopter safety to focus on SEVEN key actions that will save lives based on past accident reports. Here are the seven key actions that are worth remembering: [Read More...]

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