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Archive: January 2016


ROTORwrench - Tips, Tricks and Info...

Posted by Scott Skola

Well, we made it through another year. And 2016 looks to be an interesting year ahead, especially for those working in the offshore market. Hopefully, with the repeal of the 40 year-old ban on domestic oil exports, these operators will be able to weather the “storm.” It will also be interesting how the rest of the industry reacts as the offshore side downsizes by adjusting fleets and manpower. On a closer note, I am going to experiment with a few things on the blog this year. Received a few suggestions from readers. In addition to the monthly trick or tip, I will add one or two bits of reading material that never seem to make it out to the field level from aircraft manufacturer’s, ground support vendors, FAA, etc. We’ll see how this section develops this year. Finally, besides hanging a new shingle out front, there are several other additions I’m working on, to include a possible “maintenance question-of-the-month” section, so check back regularly. And here we go for 2016…. [Read More...]

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