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Archive: June 2020


Readers Respond to My ‘Kobe Bryant Crash’ Column

Posted by Randy Mains

Two of my readers offered their unique views regarding the last column I wrote for the April/May 2020 issue of Rotorcraft Pro entitled Honoring that Sacred Trust. In the article I talked about the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash addressing some of the facts taken from the preliminary NTSB report, one of those facts being the accident pilot had over 8,000 flight hours and held an instrument instructor certificate. [Read More...]

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Flight Training Scare Tactics | Does Fear Really Help the Learning Process?

Posted by Randy Rowles

By definition, a scare tactic is a strategy using fear to influence a reaction. Instructors may use the fear of failure, injury, or death as well as other scare tactics to motivate students to emphasize a point. The fear of a negative outcome is one of the leading problems in students today and the data has yet to show a valid reason for flight schools and other organizations to continue using fear. Instructors are supposed to encourage flight students to learn, not scare them to the point of anxiety or indecision. [Read More...]

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