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About Justhelicopters.com

NOVEMBER 9, 2009 - Rotorcraft Pro Magazine, Justhelicopters.com, Justhelicopters.TV and VerticalReference.com merged forces to create a new strategic media partnership called Rotorcraft Pro Media Network (RPMN). Audiences and advertisers alike will have unparalleled access to a broad range of media content to include print, e-news, video, audio, web, and social networking, all aimed at connecting the helicopter industry in new ways.

HISTORY - JustHelicopters.com was created in 1998 by retired helicopter pilot Bill Kellogg as a small FREE ACCESS web information center and a place to exchange ideas for people that were into helicopters. Lyn Burks took over the website in 2001. Since then, it has become the Leading Online Resource for the Helicopter Industry and has remained a FREE ACCESS site with no membership fees!


Lyn Burks, Owner / CEO / Editor-in-Chief
Lyn Burks is Editor In Chief and Co-owner of Rotorcraft Pro magazine and the Rotorcraft Pro Media Network (RPMN). For his efforts in bringing together the helicopter industry through media, Lyn Burks was the recipient of the 2012 Salute to Excellence in Communications Award from the Helicopter Association International. 

Since 2001, Lyn has also been the owner/developer of the popular RPMN helicopter industry websites JustHelicopters.com and VerticalReference.com. Seeing a need in the industry for education, Lyn also produces two popular RPMN educational conferences that serve the helicopter industry. One is called HeliSuccess Career Development Seminar, with the other being the NightCon Night Vision Conference.

As a writer, photographer, and video producer, Lyn seeks to add dimension and new perspective to print and digital media in the helicopter industry. He also serves as a helicopter industry recruiter and has written several online educational e books and articles about career development in the helicopter industry. Lyn honorably served as a US Marine from 1985 – 89. He began his aviation career in early 1991 at the age of 23 when he was civilian trained as a helicopter pilot. He currently holds an ATP/CFII Helicopter with nearly 6,000 hours of flying experience. In 2008, he “semi-retired” from full-time employment as a corporate pilot for a Fortune 200 company flying an Agusta A109E. In addition to corporate flying, Lyn has experience in several sectors of the helicopter industry, including ENG, Charter, Utility, Instruction, and a five-year stint in EMS flying the Sikorsky S76C+. He still dabbles in contract flying opportunities, with a recent assignment being a Sikorsky S76 instructor pilot for the Chinese Government. Lyn is currently flying the Leonardo AW169 helicopter.

Lyn resides in North Florida with his wife of 30 years, Lynnette, whom he met in eighth grade. Their daughter, Lexi, is a Criminology Major at the University of Florida. Lyn’s interests include family, fishing, helicopters, and adventure travel.

Contact: [email protected]

Teri Rivas - Account Executive

With Rotorcraft Pro since 2015, Teri has extensive sales and media experience, having worked for both U.S. and LatinAmerican companies, including 16 years at Carvajal S.A. Company. While there, Rivas was the sales manager for ITD Latinoamerica and the associate publisher of Metalmecanica. A graduate of Florida International University, Teri uses her bilingual language skills and vast sales experience to help our expanding number of advertising clients promote their products and services to the helicopter industry. 

Contact: [email protected]

Brad Shubargo - Account Executive

With Rotorcraft Pro since 2019, Brad has a B.A. Degree in Communications from George Mason University, and in addition to having 10 years experience in media sales with companies like Washington Post, Comcast NBC Universal, and America Online. Additionally, he is currently an air ambulance helicopter pilot flying an Airbus H135 with Air Methods at the Virginia Commonwealth University program. In addition to his experience in advertising and media sales, as a working helicopter pilot in the industry, his operational experience will give him additional insights into understanding client’s needs.

Contact: [email protected]