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Helicopter Maintenance Tips October 2015

Posted 7 years 230 days ago ago by Scott Skola

Was cleaning out a few old tool boxes and ran across some ancient artifacts.

ATA 76

Rolls-Royce 250-C20 Series: With CECO (Chandler Evans) fuel controls that is. Don’t know how many old CECO systems are still flying on C20s, but for those of us who remember, here is a little trip down memory lane. It’s a DIY version, but can you recognize what this tool was used for?



I shudder to remember. To adjust the Start Derichment on the fuel control. CECO made a tool for this but they were always in short supply. This one was made with thin 4130 steel and a 1/4" wide bolt head welded to one end.   [Submitted by Rw]

ATA 71
Various Turbine Engines
:  Found these little gems buried in a drawer. Starter/Generator drive tools. The standard model is made by procuring a timed out start/gen drive shaft and with a torch heat/bend the small end as shown. You could bump up to the deluxe model if you are handy with a welder, or know someone who can weld. Cut the shaft at the desired length and attach it to one of those “extra” 1/4" drive sockets you found under the bottom drawer of your roll-away.  [Submitted by Rw]


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About the author: After 32 years maintaining helicopters in various capacities, Scott concluded a full time career with a major operator in 2014. When not pursuing future writing projects, he can still be seen around the flight line tinkering on aircraft for beer money.  He can be contacted at [email protected]

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