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Helicopter Maintenance Tips - May 2015

Posted 8 years 282 days ago ago by Scott Skola

Couple quickies this month.

May’s tips:

ATA 62

Bell 206 series: String aligning M/R blades can be a bit tedious. One cheat to see the string better is to fabricate a couple stringing mirrors. You can use pieces from a broken mirror, or simply buy a couple small rectangular mirrors that will sit across the top of the M/R blade bolt. Using the picture below as a guide, carefully remove the reflective backing off the mirrors.  When aligning blades, center mirrors on blade bolts with clear area orientated chord-wise. Stand over the bolt and while looking into the mirror, line up the actual string with its reflection and check string position per CR&O. If the ceiling above the work area is dark, hold up a piece of light colored paper and position opposite your point-of-view to give a better background to see string. [Submitted by One-Eye]

ATA 00
General: Ever needed to remove something and the slide-hammer puller is MIA? Just procure an appropriate threaded bolt and modify it with some safety wire as shown in picture. If the item is a little stubborn, slip a ground handle wheel bar, other heavy wall tube through wire and tap on loop until free.  [Submitted by Rw]

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About the author: After a 32 year career in maintaining helicopters, Scott provides limited maintenance consulting services through his company, TEK Aviation LLC. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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