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Helicopter Maintenance Tips - March 2015

Posted 7 years 142 days ago ago by Scott Skola

March’s tips:

ATA 52
Sikorsky S-76A: Ever had cabin/cockpit doors rattle a little or give a “door light” even though fully closed? Look at plastic part on fuselage door striker post. If worn, loosen up post and reposition plastic tube to non-worn area. If unable and no spares in stock, pick up some white plastic water line of the appropriate ID/OD at your local hardware store and replace as needed.  [Submitted by Buckeye Ted]

ATA 24
Bell 206 Series
: If after engine start with external power unit (EPU) due to low aircraft battery and battery relay does not come on line. Remove round label from top cover on battery relay and using a wooden pencil insert in hole and push down on contactor bar. Battery relay requires a minimum voltage in battery to actuate solenoid and pull contactor bar down. Reinstall label or cover hole with tape.  [Submitted by Rw]

Just send an email to [email protected] Enter tip type (general, aircraft, component, ground support, etc.) in subject line. Describe the tip in as much detail as needed and be sure to include any basic info for those readers that may lack experience on specific model. Ensure the aircraft/component model and your credit preference (anonymous, nickname, real name) are included in the email. No email addresses will be shared or permanently stored and will be deleted once tip is posted in the blog.  

About the author: After a 32 year career in maintaining helicopters, Scott provides limited maintenance consulting services through his company, TEK Aviation LLC. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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