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Maintenance Minute - May 2024 | Buddy Evans

Posted 26 days ago ago by Admin

 Last month the aviation industry lost a great man, and I lost one of my closest, most cherished friends. This guy was a everything… a friend, mentor, and brother. I say “lost” but he is not lost because I know where he is.

 We met thirty-three years ago during his time at Bell Helicopter. As a mentor he not only taught me how to maintain helicopters but, more importantly, he taught me how to look at things. Perspective was something I knew nothing about until he opened up my mind and my eyes to see more clearly. Time after time he challenged me to do better and to be better. He had this unique ability to make me feel like I mattered, like I was the only one. He instilled confidence in me. He encouraged me to write and to speak. He encouraged me to lead and to love. He understood that I learned best with word pictures…and let me tell you, he could really paint a vivid picture with words. He was a friend who would tell me the truth without filters, but neither I, nor anyone else, could stay mad at him. That would be impossible because I knew it was the truth and he made sure that I knew he loved me. He always greeted everyone with “Hey, Mack Daddy.”  Some of the profound things he taught me include “Dear Federal Judge” and “If this were Burger King.”  I can explain those in a future blog. 

Yes, we were all “Mack Daddy,” but he was the true Mack Daddy.

Buddy, I mourn for you, but I am happy for you. No, you certainly are not lost but found… found to be redeemed and enjoying your eternal reward. Thank you for your contribution to the safety of all flight. Thank you for making me better in so many ways... A better helicopter man, a better friend, and just a better human being. I promise that I will pay it forward. In my memory, you will never die. I love you, Buddy Evans.

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