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The SkillBridge Program

Posted 181 days ago ago by Admin

The Department of Defense SkillBridge program provides transitioning service members and veterans with the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience needed for a successful transition into the civilian world. With this program, military personnel can benefit from job training in high-demand fields, such as cyber-security, healthcare, information technology, engineering, logistics management, aviation, and many more. The SkillBridge program is an opportunity for service members to get precious civilian knowledge through industry training, apprenticeships or internships.

The SkillBridge program was designed to meet exclusive workforce requirements and match these needs with the skills and abilities of highly motivated military personnel, all at no cost. A program participant may be able to train at on-base facilities with Skillbridge industry partners or be authorized to provide training at industry partner sites at minimal cost or at no cost.

The Department of Defense SkillBridge program provides service men and women with the opportunity to get valued civilian work experience during their final six months (180 days) of service. SkillBridge joins service men and women with industry partners with real work experience in each sector. Joining the Skillbridge program will require authorization from the first O-4/field level commander in their chain of command. Service members may be given a maximum of 180 days to focus on industry training full time with program industry partners. 

For example, GE Aviation provides hands-on training and work experience for in-demand job roles, giving service members the opportunity to increase civilian work experience, along with the opportunity to be evaluated for a position with GE once their commitment has expired. Military SkillBridge participants are not entitled to receive compensation from GE Aviation as they continue to receive military compensation and benefits as active-duty members. SkillBridge joins service members with industry professionals to earn real work experience.

Most of the current aviation industry Skillbridge opportunities are focused on maintenance. The aviation technician/maintenance program is a nine-week, full-time program aimed at training and placing transitioning service members, honorably discharged veterans, and eligible military spouses into careers as aviation maintenance and technicians. In addition to the nine-week technical course, attendees will have access to a variety of career opportunities, including mentoring, résumé writing and industry partner orientation events. The DoD Skillbridge may be used, in conjunction with your GI Bill benefits to start flight training for maintainers with no flight experience to have a career as a pilot in the helicopter or airline industries.

At the end of their training, service members can gain a civilian certification and become employed in their desired field of aviation maintenance. The DOD Skillbridge program is an excellent opportunity for transitioning military personnel to get invaluable experience in the civilian workforce while still serving in the military. With this kind of actual work experience, they will be well prepared to enter the civilian job market upon completion of their term of service. This program gives service members a chance to bridge the gap between military and civilian life with ease and success, and to cross that bridge with less stress. 

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