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Maintenance Minute - January 2024 | Attitude of Excellence

Posted 30 days ago ago by Admin

Recently I was asked to be the guest speaker at DavinciSKY Leadership Conference. My topic was titled, “One Way to Excellence.” Just before I spoke to the group, I met with some of the linemen that worked for the company. DavinciSKY is a business with a long-standing history in the electrical power industry. These are the guys that hang underneath the helicopter or work from the skid to clear power lines. I asked them if it was important to them for the pilot to arrive at work on time and ready to work? Was it important to them that the pilot was well rested and clear-headed? Was it important to them for the pilot to be focused on the job and able to concentrate? Was it important to them for the pilot to perform his duties in a professional and excellent manner? I then asked the pilots if they felt the same about the mechanics. Excellence and professionalism have a truly clear definition when your job is to keep the aircraft “between the wires” as they call it. There is zero margin for error. Shouldn’t this also be true for those of us outside the wires, so to speak?

Back in the early days my friend and mentor Buddy Evans told me that as helicopter mechanics we cannot afford the luxury of a mistake. At first, I had a tough time understanding what he was saying. My thought was that we were human beings and probably going to make a mistake at some point.

It took a while, but I finally realized that Buddy was referring to our state of mind. We must never give ourselves permission to make a mistake just because we are human.

An attitude of excellence is the first requirement to operate without mistakes. Making a conscious deliberate decision that, as much as it is in your power, not a single mistake will be made in maintaining or operating an aircraft.

Excellence is a choice that we make on purpose every day, inside or outside the wires.

Fly on purpose, maintain on purpose, and live on purpose.

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