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European Rotors

Posted 213 days ago ago by Admin

By John Franklin, Head of Safety Promotions
European Union Aviation Safety Agency

Come Collaborate to Improve Safety and Operational Excellence

Since time began, humans have come together to share stories and discuss ideas that can make the world a better place. In such a diverse community like that of rotorcraft and VTOL, we have lots of amazing people using a wide variety of machines to perform different tasks and activities. 

With over 7,500 civil rotorcraft operating in Europe with over 1,700 operators we cannot continue to improve safety and promote operational excellence without coming together as a community to share our stories and ways to continually improve our industry. This collaboration is at the heart of the European Rotors event. 

This is now the third edition of European Rotors. It will take place in Madrid, Spain, from November 27-30  and is the biggest single event for the rotorcraft and VTOL community outside the United States. 

Starting with the EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Safety Symposium

The week of European Rotors kicks off with the EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Safety Symposium on  November 27. The Symposium is split into four parts. First, there is an opening session with keynote speeches from the Spanish authority, EASA, and the European Helicopter Association (EHA). Then EASA provides updates on eVTOL certification in areas such as the critical aspects of handling qualities and battery certification. The third block is on rotorcraft safety, giving a deeper insight in full tank retrofit and addressing new safety objectives for small rotorcraft. Finally, the last block will address the challenges of considering sustainability in the development of new policies and discuss how to design policies creating synergies between safety and sustainability.

Exhibit Hall and Other Exciting Events

The main activities of European Rotors start on  November 28. There are lots of interesting things to see and do. The exhibit hall will be full of helicopters, new technologies and the entire value chain, including first, second, and third-tier suppliers. Organisations come from across the world to display their products, network with the community and engage with people on all professional levels – from the young talent that will be the future of our community to industry leading experts. 

The collaboration continues with a comprehensive educational program encompassing a diverse range of training sessions, interactive workshops, and enriching conferences. There are dedicated sessions for many different parts of the industry. including firefighting, HEMS/HAA and offshore sectors, as well as many technical discussions on such areas as human factors, NVGs and HUMS. 

Interactive Safety Presentations in the Rotorcraft Safety Zone

Telling stories and discussing how to improve safety is always more exciting and effective when it’s done in a practical way. Throughout European Rotors the Rotorcraft Safety Zone will be the place to come see practical safety demonstrations and to join detailed technical discussions with industry experts on important safety topics. The highlight of the Safety Zone will be the practical hoist demonstrations led by members of the European Safety Promotion Network – Rotorcraft (ESPN-R) hoist and sling load operations task forces.  

Safety Topic of the Year – Unintended Yaw

Another key part of European Rotors is the ESPN-R Safety Workshop, organized together with the Vertical Aviation Safety Team (VAST). Each year, this Europe-wide collaborative safety initiative led by EASA, Airbus Helicopters, and NLR hosts an event to discuss a key topic of significant safety importance for the rotorcraft community. This year, the main topic will be unintended yaw. The workshop will open with the premiere of this year’s main safety video developed by Safety4Flight. This will be followed by case studies, discussions and key recommendations for the industry on how to mitigate this risk that leads to a number of accidents each year. 

An Exciting Week of Great Opportunities

European Rotors is a key event on the rotorcraft calendar. By coming together as a community to share our experiences and discuss practical solutions to our industry’s challenges we can ensure a bright future in an ever-changing world. 

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