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AUVSI is Your Copilot for the Future of the Drone and AAM Industries

Posted 303 days ago ago by Admin

Vertical Take-Off and Landing. Remote ID. Advanced Air Mobility. 

Everyone has heard about these technologies that promise to reshape our industry. But no one knows exactly how that reshaping will occur. Each step forward depends on a multitude of factors, including engineering breakthroughs, federal and state regulations, commercial contracts, government budgets, and even consumer demand. 

Monitoring every variable could be a full-time job. So, AUVSI made that job ours. We are committed to being a strategic copilot for leaders in the vertical-lift sector. As the world's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of uncrewed systems and robotics, we passionately promote and advocate for the development of new technologies including multi-rotor aircraft and VTOL.

Our community includes thousands of pilots, researchers, commercial customers, students, manufacturers, regulators, and policymakers. The breadth of our community gives us a uniquely clear view of what’s happening and what’s next. 

AUVSI members specifically benefit from three opportunities: connections, education, and advocacy. 

Connections: Within the AUVSI community, members regularly interact with peers in their own field and across sectors. We host world-renowned events that connect thought leaders and professionals around shared interests and goals. Members are also invited to join chapters to build local relationships. 

Education: AUVSI always has an eye on the latest technologies and use cases. We curate a diverse curriculum including high-level and technical webinars, industry data, and international conferences.  Aville, our new community platform, offers online certifications and courses alongside a library of digital learning resources. 

Advocacy: AUVSI advocates on behalf of members and also invites them into the process. Our air advocacy committee is laser-focused on the UAS and AAM industries at all levels, from federal regulations down to to state, local, and tribal. 

To learn more about membership, please visit www.auvsi.org/why-join-auvsi.

AUVSI’s organizational membership also includes access to the most valuable technical resource in the industry: the Uncrewed Systems & Robotics Database (USRD). USRD scours the latest online research and in-person events to compile every major change and advancement in uncrewed and aviation technology. 

Our research team turns these raw findings into more than 7,000 searchable entries featuring specs and capabilities for new product releases, competitor platforms, and emerging prototypes.

For non-members and individual members, USRD can be accessed through paid subscriptions and licensing agreements.

AUVSI knows that autonomous and vertical lift technologies are the future of advanced flight. And this critical moment in the continuum of technology development is the perfect time to get involved with AUVSI. Visit www.auvsi.org to learn more about what we stand for and how we’re pushing the industry forward. 

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