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Maintenance Minute - May 2023

Posted 1 years 3 days ago ago by Admin

One of the greatest challenges we have faced post covid is finding qualified helicopter mechanics. With the forecasted aircraft mechanic shortage, I believe we should act now to strengthen our resources, invest in our staff, and begin to grow our next generation of helicopter mechanics and avionics technicians. In my career, I have been fortunate to have attended many factory schools and have had some of the best mentors to work with and train me. Let’s take a brief look at some of the best advise that I was given to set me on the right track and propel me forward.

As an avid reader, one of my favorite books, The Purpose Driven Life, taught me that it wasn’t about me. It really is all about serving others. It may not be about me, but it certainly begins with me.

Next on the list, always maintain your integrity, communicate clearly, be committed, pursue customer service, and grow personally and professionally.

The best troubleshooting advice I ever received was, “the answer is always in the problem.” The best business advise was to always give your customer something they didn’t ask for and the best career advice was, “your character is what promotes and your commitment to that character is what sustains you.”

I have had some of the best to sow into me, so it is my responsibility to pay it forward. I am committed to give away that which was given to me.

Industry experts estimate that in just a few years we could have a gap of 43,000 mechanics. We are already feeling the storm that’s coming. The time is now to fill our silos and prepare for the times ahead. Hire mechanics that share your vision. Invest in their training and help them grow and maybe just maybe we will be able to weather the storm.

About the author: Mark dedicated the majority of his career serving the helicopter EMS community from Base Mechanic to Director of Maintenance. As Vice President & General Manager of Precision Aircraft Services, Mark now serves helicopter operators from many sectors to include Air Ambulance, Law Enforcement, Private Owners, etc. When not at work, Mark can be found spending time with his family or sitting in a tree stand.

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