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Maintenance Minute - September 2020

Posted 3 years 254 days ago ago by Admin

Aircraft maintenance comes in many shapes and sizes. There are so many different models of airframes and engines that one can become overwhelmed with all the manufacturing differences and operational requirements to keep these aircraft flying safely. Inspection requirements range from daily checks to major overhauls, progressive to periodic, scheduled and unscheduled. As an aircraft mechanic, we train to a standard and once that standard is achieved we receive a certification card from the United States government verifying that we have met the standard and are therefore authorized to inspect and return to service aircraft registered in the United States. With our signature on our certification card, off we go to make a difference in the world of aviation.

 Let’s back up just a minute to where we sign our name to our certificate. Let me ask you a couple of questions here. What does your signature on that A&P certificate mean to the FAA? Next, what does your signature on that A&P certificate mean to you?  To the FAA our signature is our commitment to always maintain the standard set forth in the Federal Aviation Regulations. To follow approved and acceptable data. To maintain a conduct of integrity.

With my signature, I am saying to the FAA that I will maintain the aviation standard in accordance with federal regulations. My conduct will be with integrity and I can be trusted. My signature is my commitment to the FAA, the pilots and passengers,  the customer, the OEM, the company for which I work, my co-workers and to myself that I will always do the right thing according to the standard to the best of my ability.

Aircraft maintenance is not a sprint but instead a marathon. We should never be in this alone even though sometimes we must work alone. With today's technology, it is so easy to access manuals at the aircraft or to snap a photo and send it to the tech rep for another opinion. Check and verify.

To be successful and maintain a safe environment, one must make a daily commitment to do the right thing and create a culture of integrity. In this environment your team will grow strong and your business will prosper. Most importantly, aircraft will arrive at their destination safely and everyone will go home to their family.

 Professional responsibility… own It every single day. It comes with your signature on that A&P certification card.

About the author: Mark dedicated the majority of his career serving the helicopter EMS community from Base Mechanic to Director of Maintenance. As Vice President & General Manager of Precision Aircraft Services, Mark now serves helicopter operators from many sectors to include Air Ambulance, Law Enforcement, Private Owners, etc. When not at work, Mark can be found spending time with his family or sitting in a tree stand.