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Articles for tag Executive Watch


Executive Watch - Aleks Banas, CEO of Air Maestro and Spidertracks

Posted by Admin

“My promotion to the CEO role at Air Maestro came at a unique time - I was six months pregnant with my son—with no prior CEO experience,” Aleks Banas says to begin this profile of a working mother who has risen to CEO of not one, but two aviation technology companies: Air Maestro and Spidertracks. The Polish-born Australian, gives voice to what has become the unofficial anthem of her current country—the song sung by the folk band, The Seekers: “I am Australian.” [Read More...]

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Luis Olarte, CEO/Founder of Entrol

Posted by Admin

“I say every day do one teaspoon of work. In a week you have something, in a month a good mound, and in a year a mountain of work,” so says Luis Olarte, founding CEO of Entrol. We can add to his quote: in less than two decades one will have established many mountains into a mountain chain that spans the globe: from its beginning in Madrid, Spain, to over 30 countries across seas and continents in which Entrol-brand flight simulators are sold. What started such mountainous growth? Did an army of investing angels launch from the Gothic spires of Madrid Cathedral to spread Church treasure to capitalists in need? Dream on. Did a conglomerate of well-established helicopter OEMs cooperate to spin off a sim manufacturer to service the training needs of their global customers? Nope. Did two brothers with dreams, guts—and very few funds—sacrifice to build flight simulators in a garage-size niche the big-boy sim manufacturers overlooked? Bingo! [Read More...]

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Executive Watch - Dale Neubauer, CEO, HeliLadder

Posted by Admin

Dale Neubauer, founder and CEO of Oregon-based HeliLadder is rare among mechanics. That’s too narrow a claim; in fact, he’s rare among people. He noticed a real need as a working mechanic: he and his fellow wrench turners were contorting themselves in risky, uncomfortable, and inefficient working conditions, dangling themselves from old-style ladders that hadn’t made a significant step-up in half a century. “I thought that it was just ridiculous that maintenance ladders had not improved,” he says. “Nothing had changed, except they were now made out of fiberglass, but it was still the same conventional design they’d used in World War II.” [Read More...]

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Executive Watch - Vice President Of Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. Kip McDermott

Posted by Admin

“I never really thought I’d have the title “Vice President” in front of my name. Coming out of the Army as basically an A&P mechanic, I never really thought my career would reach this level; it’s a pretty daunting responsibility to be honest,” says Vice President Kip McDermott of night vision leader Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) in Boise, Idaho. His current responsibilities seem daunting for sure: working with government regulators all over the world, writing test plans, certification plans, and wrangling designated engineering representatives (DERs) up for engineering reports, overseeing a Part 145 repair station along with ASU’s Part 135 and Part 141 flight operations groups, as well as being responsible for supplemental type certificate (STC) certification and ASU’s highly regarded night vision goggle (NVG) lab would “daunt” any executive, but McDermott is confident he can handle his lengthy list. If he loses his grip, he says there’s help, “The saving grace of it all is that I’ve got good guys I’m working with; I don’t have to micromanage them (I’ve never been a micromanager and will never be.) They make my job easier; if I drop something, they pick it up.” [Read More...]

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Executive Watch - Trevor McIntyre, TracPlus CEO

Posted by Admin

TracPlus, headquartered in New Zealand, coordinates collaboration and communication between first responders on a shared platform that has now logged 6,500,000 flight hours, which seems to approximate how many academic credit hours the technology company’s CEO, Trevor McIntyre, has accumulated. The executive has a bachelor’s degree and postgraduate degrees from Rhodes University in his native land of South Africa, as well as a further postgraduate degree from the University of Natal, and a Master’s Degree (with first class honors) from the National College of Ireland. Then there are his two professional charters as well. He’s a Chartered Accountant through his fellowship in the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. That’s impressive book-cracking. However, you’d be mistaken if you deemed McIntyre an ivory tower student detached from the real business world. Most of those degrees were earned in night classes while he pursued his career in the light of day day with Big Four accounting consulting firms, like KPMG and PWC, helping companies recognize their strengths and find their sometimes hidden flaws. “Studying that way (at night) taught me how to manage my time effectively and that you can fit more into your life than you believe that you can. I believe that education is a key part of constantly striving to improve yourself. My parents were both teachers and really emphasized the importance of lifelong learning to my brothers and I. It is a key part of what I try to embed into my teams.” says McIntyre. [Read More...]

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