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Luis Olarte, CEO/Founder of Entrol

Posted by Admin

“I say every day do one teaspoon of work. In a week you have something, in a month a good mound, and in a year a mountain of work,” so says Luis Olarte, founding CEO of Entrol. We can add to his quote: in less than two decades one will have established many mountains into a mountain chain that spans the globe: from its beginning in Madrid, Spain, to over 30 countries across seas and continents in which Entrol-brand flight simulators are sold. What started such mountainous growth? Did an army of investing angels launch from the Gothic spires of Madrid Cathedral to spread Church treasure to capitalists in need? Dream on. Did a conglomerate of well-established helicopter OEMs cooperate to spin off a sim manufacturer to service the training needs of their global customers? Nope. Did two brothers with dreams, guts—and very few funds—sacrifice to build flight simulators in a garage-size niche the big-boy sim manufacturers overlooked? Bingo! [Read More...]

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