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Articles for tag PT6T TwinPac


Q&A With Pratt & Whitney Canada Taking Helicopter Engines to the Next Level

Posted by Admin

All around us, technology is changing. The helicopters of our youth are dinosaurs compared to today’s aircraft. The modern engines that power these helicopters have become sophisticated, digitally controlled power plants designed to optimize performance and reliability while also reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. To gain insights on where helicopter engine technology is headed, Rotor Pro spoke with Nico Chabée, vice president of sales and marketing at Pratt & Whitney Canada. [Read More...]

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Brand Name Engines Bring Power & Reliability to the Industry

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There is a reason that Pratt & Whitney Canada helicopter engines are well-known. It could come from the outstanding customer support, the innovative engine updates, the 24/7 availability with over 2,000 professionals in their Global Service Network, or perhaps overall reliability. Now, in addition to these attributes, they are highly invested in sustainable practices. Simply put, Pratt & Whitney is a household name as a global aerospace leader. The company was started in the mid-1860s by Amos Whitney and Francis Pratt, a pair of mechanical engineers bent on entrepreneurship, training apprentices, and filing patents for good ideas. Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC), a business unit of Pratt & Whitney, introduced their first helicopter engine in the early 1970s, according to Nicolas Chabée, vice president, helicopters, Pratt & Whitney Canada. He said that the first engine was the PT6T TwinPac™ that brought, "a new measure of safety to helicopter aviation." [Read More...]

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