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Foreword: Pilot shortages are real for several reasons Before we dig into the salary and benefits survey numbers, we wanted to paint a picture, even if only anecdotal, of what we believe are the forces currently impacting the supply of working helicopter pilots. It was around 2005 that articles and online communities began raising alarms about our aging Vietnam-era pilot population and a looming shortage. That era of helicopter pilots were considered the “baby-boomers” of helicopter pilots in that they represented nearly 50% of the working pilot force and most were in their late 50s and early 60s at the time. It was well known that the lion's share of that population would retire somewhere between 2010 and 2020. Questions began to arise about whether or not the traditional training institutions (civil schools and military) could produce the pilots as fast as they would be retiring when the time came. Now that most of those pilots have left the cockpit, and hindsight being 20/20, we now know the answer to that question is no. But it wasn’t only retiring pilots that contributed to the problem. [Read More...]

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2020 Pilot Salary Survey Report

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Rotorcraft Pro’s annual U.S. Pilot Salary & Benefits Survey was initially launched six years ago in an effort to monitor and report trends on the salaries of pilots in the industry. Traditionally, surveys were sent directly to employers via snail mail in ballot form, then collected and tabulated. This old method did provide interesting results, but because employers are reluctant to reveal the exact salaries and benefits they provide, the sampling could be rather small and probably wasn’t always representative of the larger whole. Online technologies have given us the ability to survey actual pilots and their employers, thus generating more participation throughout the industry. This year’s survey had excellent participation and obtained the latest information on helicopter pilots: [Read More...]


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