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Anthony Rios, President of FreeFlight Systems

Posted by Admin

Conservative columnist George Will wrote: “To immigrate is to make an entrepreneurial act. It’s to uproot yourself and maybe your family and take a risk.” The youngest child of Cuban immigrants, Miami native Anthony Rios is proud of his Latin heritage and his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit. He says, “In South Florida, you strongly identify with your Latin roots; I come from a proud Latin family.” (Despite his Cuban roots, Rios doesn’t drink coffee or enjoy cigars. “I make up for that with rum,” he laughs.) He recalls, “I grew up in an entrepreneurial home, not because it was popular being an entrepreneur, but because it was what was required to make life work.” His father began work in America as a mechanic at Firestone, but opportunities for promotion were limited for Latinos back in the 1960s. So, the family patriarch struck out on his own to open a service garage that he operated for 40 years. Rios’ mother left her waitressing job at a Latin restaurant to help run the garage. “That business put me and other relatives through private school and college, and I think that is a great story of my parents’ perseverance and work ethic,” Rios says with appreciation. [Read More...]

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