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Technology or Training: What’s making us safer?

Posted by Admin

I recall that when I was an emergency medical services pilot back in the 90s, I wrote many times that it was my belief that training was the key to reducing the high accident rate in EMS. Although I flew an S-76 with an autopilot and glass cockpit, technology was not as prevalent for light-single helicopters. For the most part back then, we received our initial part 135 training, then our annual recurrent training (which was pretty light) only once per year. For most operators, training involved shooting an instrument approach and performing an unusual attitude recovery under a view limiting device (foggles) during VMC conditions. Given the lack of technology, as compared to today, it’s difficult to fault the operators. I always used to say that if the operators could not train themselves to be safer, they would eventually be regulated and “technologied” into safety. [Read More...]

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