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After the Storm Hurricane Ian Helicopter Rescue & Recovery

Posted by Admin

Hurricane Ian made landfall in western Florida on 28 September 2022. The Category 4 storm rocked various communities, causing flooding, structural damage, debris, downed trees, high winds, heavy rain, isolation of residents, and death. The death toll varies depending upon the reporting agency, but hovers between 118-130 lives between Florida, Cuba, Virginia, and the Carolinas. Ian was the deadliest hurricane to strike Florida since The Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. Helicopter rescue following the hurricane was primarily conducted by the National Guard and the Coast Guard. Private groups were also involved. One private company was Fair Lifts of Atlanta, Georgia. Fair Lifts has contract relationships with helicopter operators, pilots, and ground cranes throughout the region and operates throughout the U.S. and Canada. They contract all work and use the following aircraft: EC130, R-44, R66, and Bell 206L3. The company, which provides various commercial helicopter services, such as heavy lifts, aerial surveillance, construction lifts, and HVAC placement, also manages emergency services via helicopter during natural disasters. [Read More...]

Tags: aerial surveillance and Bell 206L3 and HVAC placement commercial helicopter services construction lifts EC130 Fair LIft Commercial Helicopter Services Hurricane Ian Helicopter Support R-44 R66 such as heavy lifts
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