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Bambi Bucket® Turns 40 - The bulbous buckets have grown in size and capabilities and are a staple in helicopter firefighting

Posted by Admin

If you’ve ever witnessed a wildfire, you’ve likely seen the ubiquitous Bambi Bucket® dropping water on bright orange flames. The product turns 40 this year, and it has grown in both size and function over the decades. In this article, learn more about the product that has a simple appearance, but high visibility. It's garnered a tremendous international customer base and its popularity is continuing to grow with an increase in severe wildfires. SEI Industries of British Columbia, Canada, produces Bambi Bucket®. They have other product lines as well, such as military fuel systems and aviation transport systems, to name a couple. General Manager Mark Tayler has been with the company for 18 years, and said that they have popular products that solve a problem for helicopter operators in military and fire service applications. He added that their success is in their employees and how the company is managed. [Read More...]

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