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Rotorcraft Pro Rebrands as Rotor Pro

Posted by Admin

Beginning with this issue, our vertical lift industry media company Rotorcraft Pro, will rebrand itself to be Rotor Pro in order to broaden its horizons in an evolving industry. The word “Rotorcraft” in our current brand has served us well for more than a decade, but the industry is rapidly changing and it’s too narrow a focus when considering aircraft advances such as powered-lift, eVTOL, unmanned, and urban air mobility. [Read More...]

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Executive Watch - Managing Director Markus Schmitz, Axnes Inc.

Posted by Admin

“The helicopter industry is a comparatively small industry that almost has a family feel,” says Markus Schmitz. It’s a family that the managing director of Axnes Inc. has wanted to belong to much of his life. Upon graduating from the University of Applied Science at Aachen in his native Germany with an aerospace engineering degree , the 1998 graduate had to make a choice. One road led to his designing fixed-wing airframes. The other road led to Eurocopter in Donauwörth where Schmitz was offered his way to helicopters. Schmitz took the wanderlust path. “I chose Eurocopter because I wanted to work in the helicopter industry and with its customers and see the world,” he says. Actually, that decision was pretty predetermined since Schmitz was a young boy growing up in the town of Vellmar, near the city of Kassel. His father sold fertilizer and salt internationally and his mother was a homemaker for her family. “My background was a stable one from a small town,” he says. “My interests growing up were in medicine and aviation. Helicopters always fascinated me from seeing them fly overhead as a small boy and I later understood their capabilities in medical emergencies.” [Read More...]

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Editor's Letter - Exceptionalism Abound In the Vertical Lift Industry

Posted by Admin

Frank Sonnenberg, the author of the book, Listen to Your Conscience: That's Why You Have One wrote, “Exceptional people don't shun tests of their strength and determination -- they relish them.” It almost seems there’s a cultural movement in some parts of society who want to diminish the idea of exceptionalism. Personally, I hope the movement is not successful because in our industry, we are blessed with many exceptional people and companies that keep driving us all collectively to new heights with respect to safety, technology, and performance. Without the existence of these exceptional people and companies, we would be relegated to hand flying underpowered helicopters in only VFR conditions using only basic instrumentation . . . and training in them too! Instead, we are seeing exponential technological advancements in vertical lift aircraft that will relegate many old platforms to obsolescence. It’s both a scary and interesting time for those of us living it. [Read More...]

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Training Safely

Posted by Admin

Helicopter pilot flight training can be hazardous for reasons I will highlight in this article. I’ve been a flight instructor in the military, a senior instructor for Bell Helicopter in Iran teaching pilots how to be instructor pilots, an instructor and a flight examiner for 13 years while working for the Royal Police Air Wing in the Sultanate of Oman, and a type-rating instructor and type-rating examiner in the Bell 412EP and Bell 212 while working for Abu Dhabi Aviation. While in Abu Dhabi, I trained and examined airline transport pilots hailing from more than 20 countries. In my 13,000-hour flying career, I have developed habits I use while training that I pass along to you to, hopefully, keep you safe. [Read More...]

Tags: aviation safety aviation training Helicopter Safety Helicopter Training my two cents worth randy mains Rotorcraft Pro
Categories: categorySafety


2022 HAI Mil2Civ Highlights

Posted by Admin

The Military to Civilian Transition Workshop at HAI’s Heli-Expo 2022 was a great success! The workshop was held on the first day of the world’s largest vertical aviation conference and trade show. [Read More...]

Tags: Military to Civilian Aviation Military to Civilian Helicopters Rotorcraft Pro
Categories: categoryCareer Development


Helicopter Industry Officially Reopens with Heli-Expo 2022!

Posted by Admin

Of course the headline above is a smidge spectacular and only a little dramatic. Although the helicopter industry was negatively impacted by the pandemic, it never really shut down. Reflecting on this time last year, I remember when the Helicopter Association International made this announcement: “Until the beginning of 2021, all signs had pointed toward a successful show. Over the past week, as second deposits became due for exhibitors, a large number either pulled out or expressed discomfort with attending or exhibiting. The Board of Directors looked at the numbers and made a difficult decision that continuing with HAI HELI-EXPO 2021 was not in the best interest of the industry.” [Read More...]

Tags: Lyn Burks Editor Rotorcraft Pro
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Editor's Letter - Let’s Get to 2021—Already!

Posted by Admin

I was watching the news a couple weeks ago and the coverage was regarding Hurricane Douglas, a Category 4 hurricane which was bearing down on the Hawaiian Islands. The video footage was of business owners boarding up the windows of their shops. Spray-painted across one business front were the words “2020 Sucks!” I laughed out loud at the sight of it, and thought to myself: “Yep, that pretty much sums it up.” [Read More...]

Tags: Editor Lyn Burks Rotorcraft Pro
Categories: categoryOpinion-Editorial