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Leonardo has unveiled a full-scale cabin mock-up of the next generation AW09 single engine helicopter at EBACE 2024 (Geneva, 28-30 May 2024) featuring an exclusive VIP-corporate transport cabin layout and paint scheme as one of the newly-developed options, marking the entrance of the new model into the Agusta-branded product range.

By doing so, the market will be offered a unique combination of the superior features of the AW09 in the single engine segment in terms of cabin space/modularity, technology and sustainability features with the distinguished customisation, comfort, passenger experience and service characteristics of the Agusta VIP brand.

The public premiere at EBACE paves the way for a demonstration tour of the mock-up across Europe in the summer, including locations such as Paris and London as well as attendance at some key exhibitions through to year-end.

The AW09 delivers excellent visibility from both the cockpit and the cabin further increasing the flight quality for pilots and passengers. It offers the largest cabin and the most generous legroom in the single engine class, allowing the end-user to choose among several elegant yet functional interiors from 4+1 up to 3+3+2 seating layouts depending on flight and view experience preferences.

The airframe architecture provides unobstructed side accessibility and unique rear access. In terms of interior material and finishing, Leonardo has developed a first set of dedicated themes designed to customary Agusta standards and inspired by harmony and perfection found in nature while maintaining a touch of modernity: Desert Dawn, Cedar Woods, Ocean Twilight, and Dark Cosmos. The modern five-bladed main rotor and shrouded tail rotor ensure greater comfort and on-ground clearance and safety as well as contributing to a smooth flight.

Operators will also benefit from the advantages of dedicated technical support under the tailored Agusta For You service and maintenance package and the Leonardo Helicopters Customer Portal. The dedicated maintenance services are specifically developed to meet the needs of corporate rotorcraft operators, to increase aircraft availability and reduce inventory costs, while optimizing expenses by covering both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of airframe, avionics components, and other items.

The global support service network of Leonardo will guarantee these services are available, no matter the geography. Also, designed as a true digital helicopter and connected from day one, the AW09 will allow data transmission, gathering and analysis for technical support, scheduled maintenance and flight efficiency/safety capabilities with no equals on the single engine market.

Through the Customer Portal, the owners will have a dedicated area to verify the progress and status of their helicopter manufacturing and testing, including images. Overall, these steps are aimed at delivering more distinct answers to meet exclusivity requirements and make the ownership and operations from day one a true 360-degree experience when choosing Agusta, now also for the AW09.

The AW09 continues to generate a very positive response from all geographies worldwide as the programme development progresses. Rotorcraft companies and private operators highly welcome the AW09 for its outstanding characteristics and multirole capabilities that represent a significant evolution compared to existing products in this category.

The AW09 perfectly complements Leonardo’s product range in the Long Light Single- segment, introducing an all-new design aircraft to sustain long-term competitive positioning in this weight category. The total number of Preliminary Sales Contracts for the AW09 is exceeding 100 units globally and continues to grow.

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