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Maintenance Minute - Manage Your Sandwich

Posted by Admin

It was an ordinary day and I was having an ordinary lunch with my friend. Something we do each week to break up the day, share some laughs and conduct some business. Today, it was double patty melt day at our favorite hole in the wall restaurant. It is the hard-to-find, off the beaten path restaurant where everyone knows your name and you know them too.   When the server returned with my friend’s patty melt, he quickly surveyed his sandwich and quipped, “Hey, you forgot to add mayo.” In one motion she whirled around and without hesitating she replied, “It’s not my responsibility to manage your sandwich.” He was left speechless, but I could not hold back my laughter.  [Read More...]

Tags: Aviation Maintenance Helicopter Maintenance Maintenance Minute Mark Tyler



Posted by Admin

My first exposure to aviation began in the U.S. Air Force.  When training in my chosen field was postponed, I was asked to crosstrain to a secondary career field.  “We really need aircraft mechanics,” I was told. I readily agreed, and so the adventure began. Later, as a crew chief for the F16 Fighting Falcon, I quickly learned the importance of marshaling aircraft and the use of hand signals…flight controls-check, speed brake-check, stop, go, chock, and the aircraft salute. Little did I know at the time that these simple hand signals would become part of an especially important essential tool that we must use every day. We have already discussed the tool of integrity: doing the right thing, and the tool of commitment: the fuel for action. Let us now look at the essential tool of communication.  [Read More...]

Tags: aircraft mechanics Aviation Maintenance Helicopter Maintenance Maintenance Minute Mark Tyler
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