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Articles for tag Aerial Firefighting


A Record Fire Season Tests Aerial Firefighters, As Pandemic Rages

Posted by Admin

The aerial firefighting industry faced unprecedented challenges throughout 2020.  For starters, it was a record year for wildfires, particularly in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, as well as uncharacteristically active in Oregon.      At a glance, the numbers show a significant increase in wildland fire events over the previous year.  According to year-to-date National Interagency Fire Center statistics as of 13 November 2020, 49,815 fires destroyed 8,750,197 acres. For the 2019 comparable period, 45,840 fires burned 5,418,234 acres. All indications are that dry conditions will persist, especially in the West, and fire seasons will get longer and more destructive, as the fuel load—the vegetation that will dry out in the summer—increases.  Along with this, the trend toward residential development in the wildland/urban interface makes the fires that much more catastrophic—and more deadly. [Read More...]

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Helicopters and Multi-Mission Are Synonymous

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If you look up the word ‘multi-mission’ in the dictionary, chances are that you won’t see a helicopter alongside it. But you should, because there are few transportation platforms as multi-mission capable. In the real world, the words ‘helicopter’ and ‘multi-mission’ are synonymous. “I’ve heard people describe helicopters as ‘the SUVs of the air’,” said James Viola, president/CEO of Helicopter Association International (HAI). “The industry’s constant drive to create platforms that are as light as possible while using the most powerful engines available has resulted in highly flexible aircraft that can be adapted to multiple tasks and carry all kinds of loads internally and externally, and perform so many functions so well.” [Read More...]

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