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Articles for tag Military to Civilian


Follow Up Email - Military to Civilian

Posted by Admin

After a job interview, you should send a formal thank you note to everyone that was involved in that interview, and it wouldn’t hurt to thank the recruiter and those that coordinated the meeting as well. Sending a thank you note after an interview shows that you're a professional—a “pro.” After your interview, you should send a thank you note to the interviewer immediately. When writing your note, there are a few things to keep in mind: [Read More...]

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Transitioning During a Pandemic

Posted by Admin

So, you’re transitioning during a pandemic that has upended our entire way of life? Have no fear, with some preparation and patience, you will be just as successful as those who transitioned during ‘normal’ times. The good news is that much of the helicopter industry is still hiring. As with any transition, preparation and flexibility are key to your success. Many parts of the networking and hiring process will be different. [Read More...]

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Military to Civilian - Your Priorities

Posted by Admin

I was stationed in DC in February 2014 and traveled to Denton, Texas, with two military buddies to get our helicopter ATPs. While in Denton, we went to dinner with my friend, Nico, who had transitioned a year or two before and was flying air ambulance in the DFW metroplex. At dinner the three of us eagerly asked Nico a lot of questions about his transition, finding a job, and his experiences in the civilian helicopter industry. One of the many tidbits of knowledge Nico was sharing really stuck with me; it’s very simple, but genius at the same time. When it comes to any job, there are always three things: equipment, pay, or boss. If you are lucky, you’ll get two out of three! In later conversations, Nico added two more: location and schedule. [Read More...]

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