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Why you should complete your helicopter training in the USA - Alex Chaunt, Anthelion Helicopters

Posted by Admin

Deciding where in the world to do your helicopter flight training is highly complex and one that should not be taken lightly. Diligent research should be undertaken. I know as I asked myself this very question over 23 years ago. Like so many others I traveled from another country, England in my case, to the United States to accomplish it. Now, over two decades later I am a helicopter experimental test pilot and also the proud owner of a successful flight training school in Long Beach, California. I have been reflecting on this very subject and why I decided to come here. I thought it would be very useful to both highlight and explain my thought processes and how, should you agree with them, go about embarking on your own helicopter career in the USA. The following paragraphs discuss the various subject areas for why people come here and why, in my case, I did so. [Read More...]

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