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Big shoes to fill - German Army’s Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopters

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Five years after the decision was made to replace the renowned Bell UH-1D helicopter in the search and rescue role by the Airbus H145 LUH SAR, the 7th Squadron of ‘Transport Hubschrauber Regiment 30 at Niederstetten Air Base is fully operational with the new helicopter. When the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was established in 1947, each member state was obliged to set up facilities and provide the necessary assistance in the event of an aircraft emergency over land or sea in its own territory. Following World War II, Germany was allowed to build up its own armed forces again in 1955 and joined ICAO as a member state in 1956. Preparations began to set up a dedicated search and rescue network by the ‘Bundeswehr’ (German armed forces). Although the German navy already started SAR-operations from Kiel-Holtenau in 1958; the official foundation date is considered 1 April 1959 when the 1st Rescue and Liaison Squadron was established at Faberg Air Base in northern Germany operating the Bristol 171 Sycamore helicopter and the Dornier DO-27 aircraft. Over the years a large variety of helicopters was used by the German armed forces that included the Sikorsky S-58, Vertol H-21, SaRo Skeeter, the Bell UH-1D Huey and the Westland Sea King. [Read More...]

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