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Radar Altimeters and 5G Exemptions…For Safety or Convenience?

Posted by Admin

The introduction of radar (also known as radio) altimeters to the helicopter industry began as a highly accurate tool to validate actual height above ground during Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight operations. Like the fixed wing world, a helicopter being flown on an IFR approach needs accurate information on height above ground to continue to a safe landing. As the helicopter industry introduced additional technologies, the requirement for a radar altimeter in a helicopter expanded. It was determined that a radar altimeter would be required equipment for NVG modified cockpits and stated accordingly in 14 CFR 91.205(h)(7). After April 24th, 2017, the FAA expanded the requirement for radar altimeter installation and use in Part 135 operations with the introduction of 14 CFR Part 135.160(a): Radio Altimeters for Rotorcraft Operations. The clear intent of the regulation was to improve aviation safety. Providing the pilot with a highly accurate tool to know their actual height above ground would reduce controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) accidents. [Read More...]

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