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It is a vast untamed wilderness where lions, rhinos, elephants and other wild animals roam freely, but the massive park’s borders are sometimes breached by a network of highly skilled and motivated poachers. High temperatures often reach north of 110o (F) in the summer months. These are some of the formidable challenges that the South African National Parks (SANParks) Air Services has to navigate. The Kruger National Park borders Mozambique on the eastern side and Zimbabwe on the northern side. SANParks Air Services provides the aerial support required for over 2 million hectares, as well as the other 19 parks of SANParks across South Africa. Poachers are a huge problem, although the battle is slowly being won, and rhino poaching has stabilized and reduced over the past years. Despite back-breaking work from a dedicated and passionate SANParks team, Kruger National Park rhino populations have continued to plummet due to rhino poaching (according to the population count from 2020). Recently published research estimates that there are about 2,607 white rhinos remaining in the Kruger National Park, while black rhinos are estimated to number just 202. This represents a population decline of 75% for white rhinos since 2011 (from 10,621) and 51% for black rhino since 2013 (from 415). [Read More...]

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