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Executive Watch - Howard Hadley, CEO/Owner Main Line Helicopter LLC (Helicopter Handler)

Posted by Admin

Howard Hadley apologizes again—and yet again. During our interview, we’ve been repeatedly interrupted by others needing an answer from Hadley who co-founded Main Line Helicopter LLC with his late wife, Sherry. Main Line sounds mainstream, but you probably don’t associate the name with its mega-selling specialty product: Helicopter Handler, a sturdy steel-based platform specifically built to securely roll helicopters to, from, and around hangars. (Full disclosure: Helicopter Handler is one of the longest running regular advertisers in this publication, but that has no effect on this profile—except to put this writer on notice not to be too favorably biased.) But what’s with all these interruptions? Does Hadley consider our interview an intrusion? Is he attempting to avoid personal details that might fill in the brushstrokes of his portrait? As these questions begin to coalesce into a cloud of suspicion, the little cloud bursts with a thundering realization—Hadley isn’t hiding; these intrusions are showing who he really is: an open-door open book. He’s letting us see a not-so-secret active ingredient in his successful, varied career. “I’m very much a believer that the person at the top must have an open-door policy,” he resumes. “I believe in being extremely inclusive. I’ve always tried to manage businesses as if we’re a family. When you’re in a top executive position like CEO or COO, you still have tough decisions to make, but it’s very helpful when those decisions start at the bottom and rise up. I don’t like top-down management with no input from below. I didn’t even like it when I was in law enforcement, which is usually structured in a top-down way. A lot of small-business owners lose sight of the fact they wouldn’t be where they are if it weren’t for the people that work for them. People are a business’ greatest asset.” [Read More...]

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