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How a Chicken Farm Led to Our Current National Airspace System

Posted by Admin

We all consider ourselves to be professional pilots and as such, we study and memorize everything we can about how we conduct our daily operations, to include the National Airspace System. We use the charts in the AIM, VFR Sectionals and Terminal Area Charts, and tablets with navigation applications. We refer to 14 CFR § 91.126-135. We check—and double check—the weather so we can remain compliant with 14 CFR § 91.155. VFR, IFR, GPS/WAAS, ATC - it all blends into this magnificent (and admittedly complex) system. But where did all this come from? Part of it began during WWII. Thomas Causby (and his flock of chickens) owned a parcel of land about a half mile from Lindley Field in Greensboro, North Carolina. The United States government, via what was then the Department of the Army, used Lindley Field for training bomber and fighter pilots. And they used it a lot. So much in fact, that quite a few (over 150) of Mr. Causby’s chickens died due to the noise and vibrations from the constant takeoffs and landings. The location of Mr. Causby’s property placed the landing and departing aircraft approximately 85 feet over the farm (and only 20 feet above the farm's highest object). Mr. Causby filed an inverse condemnation lawsuit against the government for damages, claiming that the airport’s activity had cost him his business and that the United States had “taken” without compensation his rightful property from him. He claimed that this was a clear violation of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. [Read More...]

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