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Matt Christensen, Vice President of Sales for Vita Inclinata

Posted by Admin

Matt Christensen is a unique subject for Executive Watch. Almost everyone we profile has some sort of roots in aviation and/or helicopters. Christensen came to helicopters from lifestyle-marketed consumer audio headphones. In the early 2010s, he was part of the launch executive team for SOL Republic headphones targeted for EDM fans. This was par for Christensen’s career that has focused on growing small technology-based companies. And by “grow,” we mean GROW: When Christensen took hold of the sales team at SOL Republic, he guided them from $0 to $70 million in sales over the span of three years. “My philosophy was to take the headphones to EDM events and introduce them to the fans; we traveled to more shows than I care to remember and wound up with our products in stores like Best Buy, Apple, Radio Shack, and on Amazon,” he says. [Read More...]

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