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FlightSafety - Helicopter Training Made the Difference

Posted by Admin

FlightSafety International trains pilots for anything, but the truest test of its efficacy is in the cockpit. In one helicopter pilot’s case, that training is the reason he believes he and his crew survived a dangerous situation. Sgt. David Sizemore had seen a lot in his more than 13,000 flight hours. But during a December 2020 flight in his Ohio State Highway Patrol helicopter, he faced the biggest challenge as a pilot. Encountering inadvertent instrument meteorological conditions (IIMC) – occurring suddenly after a successful mission assisting law enforcement – required Sizemore to react quickly to the emergency situation. His immediate actions would make the difference in he and his crewmember returning home safely. [Read More...]

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Choose Simulator Training for Better Performance

Posted by Admin

Skilled helicopter pilots know there’s no substitute for effective flight training. For the most impactful training, there’s only one decision that makes the most sense for its effectiveness, indirect costs and range of training, and that’s simulator training at FlightSafety International. Fixed-wing pilots and the airlines have used simulator training to their advantage for years. While helicopter pilots have had the tools available to them, there has recently been a culture shift to simulator training over training in the aircraft, and for good reasons. [Read More...]

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