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No Safe Harbor - Transnet Aviation’s Marine Pilot Transfer in South Africa

Posted by Admin

Large swells, high winds, tight vessel schedules that can change frequently during a single day and a narrow harbor entrance with various sand banks, makes Durban Harbour a challenging environment for any ship pilot to navigate. To assist the vessel pilots trying to enter or leave the harbor, Transnet Aviation transports skilled ship pilots with an intimate knowledge of the harbor to pilot the vessels. South Africa was one of the first countries in the world to utilize a helicopter for marine pilot transfer, launching the Helicopter Marine Pilot Transfer (HMPT) concept in 1995. HMPT operations are a high risk, hostile, and dynamic operating environment requiring exceptional flying skills and precision hoisting as well as efficient and flawless maintenance. It takes years of training to achieve the highest levels of proficiency in safety and efficiency. There are only a handful of qualified offshore helicopter pilots, experienced helicopter hoist operators and licensed aircraft maintenance engineers who have flown and worked on the marine pilot service, and who meet the stringent minimum requirements. [Read More...]

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