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The Eagles of Chamonix Mont-Blanc Hélicoptères

Posted by Admin

The Mont-Blanc massif is a majestic range of mountains shared between France, Italy and Switzerland. Culminating at 4,808 meters above sea level, the Mont-Blanc summit is the highest of Western Europe. It’s a true paradise for mountain lovers as it shows them different climates throughout the year, which makes it a place to visit for all seasons. Mountains create challenges, such as the altitude, the lack of oxygen, the changing weather, the different surfaces (snow, ice, rocks) and limited accessibility. At the top of some summits, you can find huts for hikers, ski lifts. All these facilities need regular maintenance. The only sustainable way to access them easily and quickly is to use helicopters. Fortunately, Chamonix Mont-Blanc Hélicoptères (CMBH) is strategically located at the bottom of Glacier of Argentière near Chamonix in Haute-Savoie, France. It was founded in 1992 by pilot and CEO Pascal Brun, who is known by the local community as the pilot with more than 30,000 flight hours. [Read More...]

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