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Articles for tag Law Enforcement Helicopters


Law Enforcement Aviation Continues to Advance

Posted by Admin

COVID-19 has shaken global society to its core. Yet the virus hasn’t been able to slow the progress of law enforcement (LE) aviation technology, particularly in the rotorcraft space. Even as the pandemic continues, police aviation units have been pressing ahead with improvements in the equipment and aircraft they are flying – COVID be damned. [Read More...]

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Law Enforcement is Still a Noble Profession

Posted by Admin

Ever since my daughter went into a high school criminal justice magnet program in the ninth grade, she wanted to work in law enforcement (LE). She recently had several events come together, which kicked off the career that she has worked hard for. She finished an internship with a federal LE agency, graduated with her bachelor’s degree, and was accepted into another university’s graduate program for LE intelligence. Within two weeks of graduation, she was hired by an LE agency. I’ve always been a fan of LE. Although not directly in it, I’ve been tied to that field for much of my career in more ways than one. Having said that, given the current political environment, and my own child’s entry into the field, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is now a good time to be entering LE? [Read More...]

Tags: APSON 2021 Law Enforcement Helicopters Rotorcraft Pro Editor Lyn Burks
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Today’s Law Enforcement Helicopter Trends

Posted by Admin

Once upon a time, the world of law enforcement (LE) helicopters was a relatively simple place. LE pilots flew surveillance and pursuit missions in aid of their respective police departments, using basic helicopters that were aerial observation platforms and little else. Times have changed: Today’s LE helicopters and LE pilots are affected by trends such as a move to multiple-role missions, advanced cockpit technology, and unmanned aerial systems (aka drones); among others. [Read More...]

Tags: Law Enforcement Helicopters Public Safety Aviation and Covid Public Safety Aviation Units Public Safety Helicopters
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