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Articles for tag Helicopter Military to Civilian Transition


Military to Civilian - A Ground Lesson by Scott Tinnesand

Posted by Admin

A question that has been asked many times by transitioning military pilots is: What can I be reading, studying or learning right now to get me ahead of the game for my transition to civil or general aviation? Assuming you don’t have any prior experience as a civilian airman and you utilized the MilComp (military competency) method to get your certificates and ratings, the answer is easy – study those topics that fall in the cracks between military and general aviation training. What are some of those topics? They include airworthiness requirements, supplemental type certificates, airworthiness directives, minimum equipment lists, advisory circulars, endorsements, Part 119 and Part 135 operations, practical test standards, helipad markings and pilot logbooks—just to name a few! [Read More...]

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Follow This Example To Start Your Civilian Career By Heidi McBride

Posted by Admin

Pay, location, and job satisfaction are three of the major factors involved in determining the ultimate helicopter pilot position. You can consider yourself pretty lucky to get two out of the three. Fortunately, for retired Marine Pilot Ryan Jacobs, all three is precisely what he got when he landed the enviable position as a contractor simulator instructor at NAS Whiting Field.  [Read More...]

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