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DENVER, CO – Air Methods Ascend, the education and training division of Air Methods, the nation’s leading air medical service provider, announced today a groundbreaking partnership with SimX. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in critical care education as it allows Ascend to use SimX’s cutting-edge simulation scenarios to train its internal clinicians while also extending these resources to external entities such as hospitals, EMS agencies, and beyond.

“At Air Methods, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our training programs, both internally and through Air Methods Ascend,” said Air Methods Director of Simulation and Innovative Education William Belk. “Our partnership with SimX allows us to bring virtual reality simulation to our customers, providing them with a more immersive and engaging learning experience, ultimately improving patient safety and clinical outcomes.”

Air Methods ranks among SimX’s most longstanding and significant clients, and their educators have been using virtual reality simulation since 2021 to train internal flight clinicians. However, with this collaboration, Air Methods will strengthen its internal training program and extend this service to external healthcare partners with Ascend.

Through realistic virtual scenarios, clinicians will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in lifelike medical emergencies, honing their decision-making skills and refining their ability to provide optimal patient care in high-pressure situations.

“Partnerships like these lower the barrier to those wishing to access next-generation simulation technologies,” said SimX Director of Business Development Tyler Andre, MD. “We have had a relationship with Air Methods for years and know how well they train their people using SimX. I’m excited to see the impact we’ll make offering these services to others.”

SimX’s industry-leading simulated patient encounters are designed to replicate real-world scenarios and offer a wide range of high-acuity medical scenarios, from critical care interventions to complex trauma cases. As a licensed provider, Air Methods Ascend will have access to the more than 300 scenarios available on the SimX platform and be able to extend this service to pre-hospital and in-hospital clinicians, as well as students pursuing careers in critical care. Being a licensed provider will also enable Ascend to offer virtual reality training remotely to its customers, significantly reducing training costs for the receiving agency.

“We are honored to partner with SimX in this capacity,” said Air Methods Senior Vice President of Clinical Services Dr. Stephanie Queen. “Integrating this technology will further augment the education programs we already offer through Ascend and ultimately ensure that we are equipping clinicians across the board with the tools they need to provide the highest, most effective patient care.”

Ascend’s in-person and online education programs provide access to world-class educators, state-of-the-art tools, and cutting-edge technologies to help pre-hospital and critical care clinicians build their knowledge, enabling them to operate at the top of their licensure and fulfill continuing education requirements. Education programs include advanced manikin-based simulation and virtual reality training that mirror real-world patient care scenarios, building life-saving skills and confidence.

Ascend’s offerings of innovative online education programs include Critical Care Review and EMS Review, which are designed to help flight and critical care clinicians, as well as emergency medical responders, seeking to advance their training, help improve emergent patient outcomes, and meet their continuing education needs. Courses are accredited by the California Board of Nursing (CBRN), the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE), the International Board of Specialty Certifications (IBSC), and the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC).

For more information about Air Methods Ascend, visit airmethods.com/ascend.

For more information about SimX, visit www.simxvr.com.

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