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Torrance, CA (April 4, 2024)—Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC), a world leader in the design and manufacturing of helicopters, announces its new Instructor Pilot (IP) Standardization Course. This comprehensive program elevates helicopter flight training by equipping instructors with the skills and knowledge to produce highly proficient pilots.

Leveraging decades of safety expertise, the new IP course builds upon RHC's well-established Safety Course, a cornerstone program for more than 40 years. This enhanced curriculum signifies a strategic shift, positioning Robinson as a preeminent leader in safety and global helicopter pilot training.

The Robinson IP program offers graduates the opportunity to join a network of ‘approved training providers.’ This designation signifies instructor qualification and provides new opportunities for aspiring operators and pilots. Furthermore, as RHC expands its training footprint, the company will introduce additional factory programs and incentives to direct customers toward its network of approved training providers.

The inaugural class kicked off in March 2024. Robinson plans to offer a total of four Instructor Pilot courses in 2024. The new course features:

  • Full-Week Curriculum: Classroom instruction takes place over a full week (Monday through Friday, 8 AM—5 PM), allowing for deep dives into crucial topics.
  • Focus on Flight Proficiency: Several hours of flight training provide instructors with enhanced hands-on practice for refining their skills.
  • Enhanced Safety Training: The course will place a significant emphasis on safety and incident mitigation strategies.
  • Back to Basics & Precision: The class highlights the importance of fundamental maneuvers, advanced procedures, and system failure responses, ensuring instructors can effectively train others in both basic and advanced flying techniques.
  • Aircraft Expertise: In-depth instruction on Robinson helicopter design equips instructors with a thorough understanding of the aircraft they’ll be teaching others to fly.

“This new IP course reflects Robinson Helicopter Company’s commitment to safety and excellence in helicopter training,” said David Smith, president and CEO of Robinson Helicopter Company.  “An entire generation of pilots has built their careers from their experience training in a Robinson aircraft. This course aims to advance safety and train the next generation for successful careers in aviation.”

The Robinson IP Training Course builds upon the company’s existing suite of educational programs, including the highly regarded Robinson Safety Course and the Robinson A&P Mechanic Course. Together, these programs offer a complete training pathway for aspiring helicopter professionals.

For more information about the Robinson IP Training Course, please visit https://shop.robinsonheli.com/robinson-courses/robinson-pilots-safety-course/ or contact [email protected] or (310) 539-0508 x 151

About Robinson Helicopter Company

For more than 50 years, Robinson Helicopter Company has been at the forefront of the helicopter industry by delivering safety-enhancing technologies, including OEM-designed crash-resistant fuel cells, 4K cockpit video cameras, autopilot systems, and NVG-compatible cockpits. Robinson is committed to developing, manufacturing, and supporting the most reliable and efficient helicopters in the industry. For additional information, visit www.robinsonheli.com

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